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Kallathigiri Falls - Major waterfall of Chikmagalur

Kalhatti Falls is around 10kms away from Kemmanagundi. The water here falls from around 120 meters and gushes into the ground, creating the splashing noise of the water. Offer your prayers to the Veerabhadreshwara Temple near the waterfall. Take a dip into the falls and offer your prayers in the temple.

Kalhatti Falls are surrounded by Chandra Drona hills. This makes the waterfall look more wonderful. Trekkers often visit Kalhatti Falls by climbing up to the highest point of the waterfall. This place is popular among trekking enthusiasts and is often flooded by trekkers.

The Kallathigiri Falls, also known as the Kalhatti Falls, is a magnificent natural abode located 50 kilometres away from Chikmakagalur. This waterfall is a perfect destination for leisure mongers and thrill seekers alike, and is popular among both locals as well as tourists. The fall gushes down the majestic Chandra Dona Mountains from a height of about 400 feet.

The Kalhatti Falls is the first major waterfall around Chikmagalur, and easily the most distinctive one. Water drops from an overhanging ledge, allowing people to take showers beneath it. The falls contain the headwaters of the river Sharavathi. Apart from being a natural goldmine, the Kalhatti Falls also has a poignant religious significance. It houses the renowned Veerabhadra Temple, or Veerabhadreshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple welcomes thousands of pilgrims to its shrine throughout the year. Owing to its legendary history, the waters from this waterfall is considered to be holy by locals, and is said to cure several diseases.

The waterfall provides a number of opportunities to pass one’s time. The rolling green surrounding is a well-known photographer’s delight. One might also delight in taking the short trek up to the Falls. The trekking trail is fairly easily, and suitable for both beginners as well as expert trekkers. The trail is marked by a number of figures and idols of various Gods and Goddesses, and contains an abundance of natural flora and fauna. The Fall is also a perfect spot to hold picnics with family and friends.

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