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Hebbe Falls - Exploring the Enchanting Beauty of Hebbe Falls in Chikmagalur

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

"Nature's embrace at our Chikmagalur hideaway 🌿"
Hebbe falls

Famous for its natural wonders, Chikmagalur District houses the magical Hebbe Falls. Located near the popular hill station of Kemmangundi, iti is among the most beautiful waterfalls in Karnataka. Hidden inside the Bhadra wildlife sanctuary, Hebbe Falls is a heavenly delight for nature lovers.

With coffee estates surrounding the Hebbe Falls, the journey to the Falls will leave you in awe. The mild gust of coffee and dense forests around will make you feel like a little butterfly wandering around the beautiful falls.

Nature lovers and wanderers are attracted in large numbers to Hebbe Falls. The famous hill station, Kemmangundi is located at a distance of 10 km. from the falls. In search of a unique waterfall, tourists from Kemmangundi often visit Hebbe Falls via a four-wheeler ride. There are cab services in Kemmangundi that ride through the bumpy roads surrounded by the pukka and dense forests. Some adventure seekers trek to Hebbe Falls to enjoy the realm of natural beauty. The trek passes through some of the magnificent views of the forests and coffee estates.

One can hear the sound of the falls gushing with the ground from a distance. During the rainy season, the trekking path becomes a little uneasy as it becomes slippery and leeches can be found in large numbers almost everywhere. Hebbe Falls is among the most magnificent natural places in Chikmagalur District. It forms a natural jacuzzi which is filled with medicinal substances. These medicinal herbs are considered to offer healing qualities. This special attribute of the falls makes it a place of attraction for curious biologists.

"Chikmagalur's best-kept secret 🌄"
Hebbe Falls chikmagalur

Exploring the Enchanting Beauty of Hebbe Falls in Chikmagalur


Hidden amidst the lush greenery of Chikmagalur in Karnataka, Hebbe Falls is a natural wonder that beckons travelers and adventure seekers alike. Tucked away in the Western Ghats, this picturesque waterfall is a true gem of South India. With its serene surroundings, cascading waters, and a touch of mystique, Hebbe Falls offers a memorable experience for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Journey to Hebbe Falls

Getting to Hebbe Falls is an adventure in itself. The falls are located in the Kemmangundi hill station, which is approximately 8 kilometers from the town of Tarikere and about 62 kilometers from the heart of Chikmagalur. The journey to this natural marvel takes you through winding roads that cut through dense forests and coffee plantations. As you drive deeper into the Western Ghats, the air becomes cooler and crisper, and the anticipation of reaching Hebbe Falls builds with every passing kilometer.

Tip: It's advisable to hire a local guide or use a four-wheel-drive vehicle to reach the falls as the last leg of the journey involves a rugged, bumpy ride.

The Double Delight of Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls is unique because it consists of two distinct falls - the Dodda Hebbe (Big Hebbe) and the Chikka Hebbe (Small Hebbe). Each of these falls offers a different experience to visitors.

  1. Dodda Hebbe (Big Hebbe): The larger of the two falls, Dodda Hebbe, is a stunning 168 meters in height. As you approach it, you can hear the thundering sound of the water echoing through the valley. The dense mist and spray generated by the force of the water create a mesmerizing spectacle. A trekking trail leads to the base of Dodda Hebbe, where you can feel the cool mist on your face and marvel at the sheer power and beauty of the waterfall.

  2. Chikka Hebbe (Small Hebbe): A relatively easier trek takes you to Chikka Hebbe, which is about 2 kilometers from the parking area. Although smaller in size, Chikka Hebbe has its own charm. The water here cascades down in smaller steps, creating natural pools where you can take a refreshing dip. It's an ideal spot for a leisurely swim and relaxation amidst the serene surroundings.

The Verdant Beauty of the Surroundings

The lush greenery surrounding Hebbe Falls adds to its allure. The area is a part of the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, and the biodiversity here is simply astounding. As you trek through the forested paths, you may encounter a variety of flora and fauna, including exotic birds, butterflies, and even wild animals. Keep your camera ready to capture these precious moments.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Hebbe Falls is during the monsoon season, from July to September, when the water flow is at its peak, creating a breathtaking sight. However, if you prefer a more relaxed and less crowded experience, you can plan your visit during the post-monsoon months of October to February when the weather is pleasant.

Essential Tips for Your Trip

  1. Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes suitable for trekking and walking through uneven terrain.

  2. Carry essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

  3. Respect the environment by not littering and following the guidelines provided by local authorities.

  4. Plan your visit during weekdays to avoid large crowds that often gather on weekends.

Hebbe Falls in Chikmagalur is a natural wonder that showcases the stunning beauty of the Western Ghats. Whether you're an adventure enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply looking for a peaceful getaway, a visit to Hebbe Falls is sure to leave you mesmerized. The journey to this hidden gem, the sight of the cascading waters, and the serene ambiance of the surrounding forest make Hebbe Falls an unforgettable destination in the heart of Karnataka. So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to experience the enchanting beauty of Hebbe Falls in Chikmagalur.

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