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Hebbe falls - Adventurous waterfall of Kemmangundi

Known as one of the most exotic places to visit in Chikmagalur, Hebbe Falls offers a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With an enthralling view, Hebbe Falls is believed to have sacred herbs in its waters that can cure diseases. A dip in the waters at Hebbe Falls is always considered the most refreshing activity here. It is surrounded by the beauty of verdant forests and coffee plantations and makes for a serene trip.

Famous for its natural wonders, Chikmagalur District houses the magical Hebbe Falls. Located near the popular hill station of Kemmangundi, it is among the most beautiful waterfalls in Karnataka. Hidden inside the Bhadra wildlife sanctuary, Hebbe Falls is a heavenly delight for nature lovers.

With coffee estates surrounding the Hebbe Falls, the journey to the Falls will leave you in awe. The mild gust of coffee and dense forests around will make you feel like a little butterfly wandering around the beautiful falls.

Nature lovers and wanderers are attracted in large numbers to Hebbe Falls. The famous hill station, Kemmangundi is located at a distance of 10 km. from the falls. In search of a unique waterfall, tourists from Kemmangundi often visit Hebbe Falls via a four-wheeler ride. There are cab services in Kemmangundi that ride through the bumpy roads surrounded by the pukka and dense forests. Some adventure seekers trek to Hebbe Falls to enjoy the realm of natural beauty. The trek passes through some of the magnificent views of the forests and coffee estates.

One can hear the sound of the falls gushing with the ground from a distance. During the rainy season, the trekking path becomes a little uneasy as it becomes slippery and leeches can be found in large numbers almost everywhere. Hebbe Falls is among the most magnificent natural places in Chikmagalur District. It forms a natural jacuzzi which is filled with medicinal substances. These medicinal herbs are considered to offer healing qualities. This special attribute of the falls makes it a place of attraction for curious biologists.

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