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Mullayanagiri ... a must go place in Karnataka tourism....

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Mullayyanagiri is the tallest peak in Karnataka. Mullayanagiri approach roads are decent and can accommodate only one vehicle at a time. We realised the elevation from sea level as the wind speed was increasing exponentially and visibility was barely 10-15 feet. There are around 200 steps that takes us to the 'peak'. The speed of the wind is such like it is difficult for everyone to make it to the top. The low visibility too adds to it ! Life time experience. The way to the top looks like steps to heaven :-)

"Moments of bliss in Chikmagalur 🌿"

After spending couple of hours in the windy (stormy) peak, we decided to move on. On the way, we visited "Sitalayana Matta" - a very good view point.

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