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Dattatray Peeta - Baba Budan giri

Chandradrona Parvatha also known as Dattatray Peeta is a mountain in range of the Western Ghats of India. Located in the Chikmagaluru taluk, Chikmagaluru District of Karnataka, Dattatreya peeta is known for its shrine to a pilgrimage site for Hindus and Muslims.Sangh parivar organizations started "Datta Jayanti" celebrations in the late 2000s as part of their fight to claim "Sri Guru Dattatreya Swami Dattapit". People go to have a darshan of the Samadhi. The main peaks in this range are the Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri (height 1895 m). Collectively, these peaks are known as Chandradrona Parvatha Shreni (Chandradrona Mountain Range) as they naturally form the shape of a crescent moon

Bababudangiri is an amazing trek in the mountains of Chikmagalur, located at a distance of 250 km from Bangalore, making it ideal for a weekend getaway. Starting on the hiking trail from Sarpadhari (alternatively from Attinagundi), you can see the peaks of Budangiri (1895 m) and Mullayanagiri (1930 m) looming at a distance. Together, the two mountains appear like a crescent moon, therefore known as the Chandra Drona Range.

Trekking enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to on the Budangiri hike. Trails snake through dark forests of shola trees, occasional moraine-filled rocky stretches, and miles of serene green grasslands on the rolling hills. Come on this trek to take in all the spectacular vistas of the enclosing slopes of the Nilgiri Hills, try your luck at spotting wildlife when crossing through the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, and test your stamina at negotiating a few steep inclines.

Some of the highlights on this trek are- walking on the Blade Ridge on the way to Mullayanagiri, camping and campfire in the forest clearings, ancient cave explorations, and stunning hillscape photography from several viewpoints along the way. Blooming of the kurinji flowers in the low lying slopes of the Nilgiris is a rare seasonal attraction in these parts of the hills.

The flowers blossom at an interval of every 12 years, cloaking the entire vicinity in shades of blue, giving the Nilgiri hills its name! The Budangiri mountain is also an important pilgrimage for Hindus and Muslims for the legacy of the Sufi saint Baba Budan and the hindu deity Dattatreya.

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